Welcome to EscapeRestart!

EscapeRestart is a premier Minecraft Community dating back to 2009, originally being called TheOnes/Blocktopia. While we have shifted to a general gaming community, we still aim to provide unique premium minecraft game servers that aren’t revolved around P2W.

Join us now on our forums, discord, or servers and interact with tons of players from all over the world! Not only do we offer Minecraft services, but we host even gameservers, mafia forum games, and more!

Check us out: lobby.escaperestart.com

Useful BuildBox clicky things! Go on, try them…

Updated Features:


We have added a variety of Player-activated minigames to the server, including Build Battle and Speed Builds alongside a brand new arena.

New Building Plugins

We have added new specialist Building plugins to the server, GoBrush and GoPaint, and one Advanced plugin, Arceon.

Our Plugins and Ranks:

Want to know more about our awesome features?

Bug Tracker, Suggestions and Player reports:

If you are having any issues, please contact us here or via a member of the Staff team:

For review requests, please try to catch a Staff member in-game, rather than submitting a report here. Thank you.

Staff Timezones:

@Swift – BanSwift – Swift#4972 – GMT+0

@TheArchiteck – TheArchiteck – TheArchiteck#9637 – GMT+3

@Sessybessy – SessyBessy – SessyBessy#3316 – GMT+0

@Jackamel – Jackamel – jackamel#4769 – GMT+0

USE ONLY IN EMERGENCIES: @Hex – Hex_ – Hex#9921 – GMT+3

Send Us a Bug Report, Suggestion or Player report:

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