Command List

Command list:

This is a basic command list for BuildBox. This is not an extensive list.

General Server Commands

Location and Navigation

/help – Main navigation menu

/glist – View who is active on other servers

/spawn – Return to the current server’s spawn

/logout – Exit to the main lobby

Friends and Teleporting

/tpa <player> – Ask to teleport to another player

/setwarp <name> – set a warp

/warp <name> – teleport to your warp

/home – Teleport to your default plot

/mvtp <world> – Teleport to the selected world.

/mv list – A list of available worlds

Emote Commands

/blamecomp – Blame computerguy_

/blametnm – Blame tnmjimbob

/blame <player> – Blame a player

/trains – <Player> likes trains!

/old – I think that’s old.

/ship – <player> ships x


/time <time/day/night/reset> – Sets time in your own view

/weather <storm/clear/reset>  – Sets weather in your own view

/n – Toggles nightvision on/off

Player Movement

/speed <1-5> – Adjust speed (set when walking or flying to adjust accordingly)

/speed fly <1-5> – Shortcut for fly speed

/speed walk <1-5> – Shortcut for walk speed

/nc – Toggles no-clip fly mode

/cmi gamemode creative/1 – toggle creative

/cmi gamemode spectator/3 – toggle spectator


Press tab to display a list of who is online along with your ping statistics.

Private Messages, and Chat

/msg <player> <message> – Send a message to an online player

/r <message> – Quick reply to the last person who sent you a message

Chat Channels

/ch m <channel> – join the main channel

/ch rp – join the roleplay channel

/m <message> – channel 1 main channel message

/rp – send 1 roleplay channel message

Building Commands

Builder’s Utilities (by Arcaniax)/blocks – Opens menu for “secret” minecraft blocks (shortcut /sb)

/banner – Opens banner creator

/armorcolor – Opens armor color creator

/nc – Toggles no clip mode

/nv – Toggles night vision

//scale <size> – Simplified deform scaling command

//derot <axis> <degrees> – Simplified deform rotate command

//twist <axis> <degrees> – Simplified deform twist command

WorldEdit Shortcuts

//1 –> //pos1

//2 –> //pos2

//c –> //copy

//f –> //flip

//pa –> //paste

//r –> //replace

//re –> //redo

//rt –> //rotate

//s –> //set

//st –> //stack

//u –> //undo

/ws <value> – Set walk speed

/fs <value> Set fly speed

//cub –> //sel cuboid

//con –> //sel convex

Fast Async World Edit

Arceon (by Arcaniax)

//wiki – opens the Arceon Wiki

Playerheads Database

/hdb – Activate the playerheads database GUI


Everyone is allowed access to full WorldEdit; follow these links:

Voxel Sniper

BetterBrushes Add-on using brush set ‘eb’ (e.g. /b eb lift)


Equip a Feather on your hotbar and left click to enable and right click to use

/gp toggle – enable GoPainter brush

/gp undo <#> – undo

/gp size <#> – change brush size


Equip a Flint on your hotbar and left click to enable and right click to use.

/gb toggle – Enable goBrush

Armour Stand Tools

/ast – Bring up the armor stand toolset

Organic Model Builder by mrlasagne/model list – List models

/model load <modelname> – Begin creating with the model chosen

/model rotate <value> – Set the model roll value of the next part that you paste

/model adjust <part> <yaw> <pitch> <roll> – Adjusts the rotation of a certain part

/model end – Finish model creation

/model cancel – Cancel model creation

Note: You can only use “/model end” after placing the first part. If you want to end before placing the first part, right click while holding something or use “/model cancel”

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